Amazing place to vacation!

One of the most memorable trips our family has taken. If you are looking for a place to unplug and reconnect with hospitality that is top notch, Rimrock is your place. Gary, Dede and the entire staff do a first class job. When you arrive the scene is majestic. Cotton wood blows through the air, a cool steady breeze on your face and the sound of a stream that flows through the property will relax even the most uptight of people. All riding levels are accommodated here. Under Gary & the head wrangler’s guidance (Amber in our case) you are assigned a horse that fits your skill level to be your partner for the week. Riding can be tailored to your comfort level, just ask. There is something for everyone. While the schedule came seem a bit regimented upon arrival, I would encourage visitors to go with it. These folks have been doing this for a long time and all the pieces of the schedule work. Cabins are modest but well kept. The only thing I would say to consider for folks traveling with kids under 10 is the all-day trip to Yellowstone. While it is truly an amazing place to visit and the ranch provides your very own tour guide who is very knowledgeable, it’s a long day in the van for small kids.

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